PROSO at S.Net Meeting

PROSO work will be presented at the 8th Annual S.Net Meeting, University of Bergen, Norway, 11-14 Oct 2016. The title of the conference is “The Co-Production of Emerging Bodies, Politics and Technologies”. Read more about S.Net 2016 here:

Marion Dreyer (DIA) will present the PROSO research design, key elements of the conceptual-analytical framework and the methodology for exploring citizen views on engagement with R&I in a talk on “PROSO – Engaging society for RRI: Research on barriers and incentives”.

Daniela Fuchs, Anja Bauer, and Alexander Bogner (all OEAW) will present results from a systematic review of scholarly literature on RRI carried out in PROSO (D 2.2) in their talk on “A better way of engaging? How Responsible Research and Innovation redefines participation in science and technology”.