Welcome to PROSO

Mutual learning and agreed practices in research and innovation: these are the core ideas of Responsible Research and Innovation, the European Union’s approach to good governance in research and innovation.

The Horizon 2020 project PROSO aims to foster the engagement of third sector organizations (like NGOs) and citizens for Responsible Research and Innovation.

Watch this video to learn about the main outcome of PROSO

Watch this video to learn more about the main ideas behind PROSO

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

The video shows: RRI seeks to align the processes and outcomes of research and innovation with the values, needs, and expectations of European society. This requires multi-actor and public engagement initiatives in research and innovation. Societal engagement has been identified as one of five keys of RRI.

Five keys of RRI

  • Engagement
  • Science education
  • Open access
  • Ethics
  • Gender

Barriers and incentives of engagement

In the PROSO project we ask: What must be done to involve civil society organizations and citizens in research and innovation? The project will investigate barriers and incentives of engagement and develop policy and governance options for encouraging societal engagement for RRI in Europe.

Three domains of research and innovation

We will carry out an analysis that cuts across three domains of research and innovation:

  • nanotechnology
  • food and health
  • bio-economy

You would like to print out overview information on PROSO? Then you’re invited to download the PROSO brochure and PROSO posters

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You would like to learn more about Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)? Then you might be interested in visiting websites which provide lists of RRI resources such as http://www.progressproject.eu/more-rri-resources/ of the FP7 project ProGReSS (Promoting global responsible research and social and scientific innovation), http://res-agora.eu/rri-resources of the FP7 project Res-AGorA (Governance Framework for Responsible Research and Innovation), or http://www.rri-tools.eu/ the RRI resources and Toolkit developed by the FP7 project RRI-Tools (Towards an open science and innovation system that tackles the societal challenges of our world).