PROSO work presented at conference in Boston

Lada Timotijevic and Emiliy Porth spoke about “Responsible Research and innovation in Healthcare Policy Delivery: A qualitative Study of the ‘Size Acceptance’ Programme of Obesity Management” at the 4S Annual Meeting of the Society of Social Studies, 30th  Aug – 2nd Sept 2017, Boston, US.

PROSO work presented at conference in Prague

Emily Porth and Lada Timotijevic spoke about “Sharing experiences to combat weight stigma in public health: Policy and practice lessons from scholars, health practitioners and activists ” at the Fifth Annual Weight Stigma conference 6-7 June Prague, Czech Republic.

Multi-Actor Conference on Engaging Society for Responsible Research and Innovation

19 June 2017, Brussels, Belgium

There are several barriers to mainstreaming societal engagement with research and innovation which need to be addressed: by dedicated research, science and technology policies. How these policies could look like was subject of lively discussions at the PROSO conference.

PROSO’s project officer Colombe Warin set the scene and spoke on societal engagement in Horizon 2020
The core of the conference were small group discussions on ways to lower barriers to and strengthen incentives for engagement of citizens and third sector organizations.

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PROSO work presented at conference in London

Lada Timotijevic spoke about “Bioeconomy and the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation” at CommBizz Bioeconomy Impact – The Journey to Innovation, 21-22nd of Feb 2017,  London, UK (CommBizz is a EU funded network of researchers working in the field of bioeconomy:

Networking with the RRI community

PROSO Partners attended a policy conference organized by the sister projects CASI and PE2020 in Brussels, 16.-17. November. The title of the Conference was “Public engagement for research, practice and policy”. Read more about the conference here.


PROSO Consortium Meeting

8 and 9 September 2016, Glasgow, UK

On 8 and 9 September 2016, the PROSO partners met in Glasgow, Scotland, for a consortium meeting. The meeting was hosted by Mark Morrison (project partner OTPIMAT) and included dedicated training sessions offered by the teams of ARC Fund and SURREY to the PROSO partners carrying out national citizen panels (WP4) and stakeholder interviews (WP3). It was the final step in preparing for these activities of collection of data on barriers and incentives for the engagement of citizens and third sector organizations in different research and innovation contexts. Now, collection of data has started!


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